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burning on vagina not inside


I'm 16 yes sexually active but haven't done anything recently. I've experienced a burning sensation on the top of my vagina where the pubic hair is and it burned kinda bad with a little itch. I looked and haven't seen anything just ingrown hair well it's hard to tell because I've shaved and have spots down there. I'm scared I don't know what it is. Also on my lip I had a clear fluid bump, well not on my lip but above and I popped it and put rubbing alcohol on it and now it has a scab it didn't hurt when it appeared. What's wrong with me?
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  • Dr.Lee
    Based on the symptoms you provide, it seems that the burning sensation on the top of your vagina is the only symptom that you have. And you also mentioned that the burning is on vagina not inside. I am afraid that the burning sensation is caused by the growing hair rubbing with underwear. Do you have this feeling when you take your underwear off? 
    You also mentioned you are sexually active person. So is the sex protected or unprotected? If you always have unprotected sex and the burning feeling still exist when you don't wear underpants, you might affect STD. I recommend you to take a chlamydia test. 
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