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difficult to conceive after std for 4years


i have had std for 4years untreated.after treatment,am not able to conceive for now 4years.i had hsg test and my falopian tubes are open but i have small uterine fibroids.are this caused by prolonged untreated std? can fuyan pill help me to conceive with this condition.am in kenya,how can i get the pills.do the chinese clinics in kenya have this pills so that i can go for them? and which clinic specifically in kenya please? I will appreciatw your response.
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  • Dr.Lee
    Based on your description, you have std for 4 years and leave it untreated, this is a dangerous thing, because it can cause many female reproductive disease like pelvic inflammatory disease and other fallopian disease. However, your uterine fibroids are mainly caused by your own body condition or environment. And infertility is also relates to many reasons like your ovulation, uterine environment and other issues. What’s more, could you let me known what std you have get? And Fuyan Pill has the function of promoting blood circulation and eliminating inflammation, clearing away heat and toxic materials. It’s can regulate your body environment and reduce fibroids within 5 cm. If you want to take herbal treatment, you could let me know more specific information about your disease, that I could help you to conceive. 
    What’s more, I’m sorry that there is not clinic in Kenya, and Fuyan Pill cannot ship to your country. But if you have friends in other country, you could let them bring it to you. In addition, you could contact me by online talk or email. 

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