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Hello I'm having stomach pains and pelvic fluids after total hysterectomy 2015/11 now I'm feeling tired all the times cause of dis can you help I'm in Pretoria South Africa
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  • Dr.Lee
    Hysterectomy may cause some side effects for female. In order to solve this problem, you take herbal medicine Fuyan Pill as the complimentary therapy. Because herbal medicine Fuyan Pill could not only eliminates the inflammation in your pelvic cavity, but also nurtures your body, and benefits to your recovery. What’s more, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill contributes a lot to treat pelvic fluids. It works to promote blood circulation by removing stasis, and it can relive your pain and other discomfort symptoms. However, Fuyan Pill cannot ship to Africa, due to the custom reasons. But if you have any friends in other countries, you could let them bring it to you. We have many Africa patients get the treatment through this way.

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