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seminal vesiculitis and epididymitis


almost 40 days ago .i had blood in semen ,then got transactral ultrasound which showed inflamed swelled seminal vesicles and cystic focus present due to some kind of infection,after three days i developed swelling and pain in testicles while walking,even i cant close my legs due to swelling,and cystic focus present due to some kind of infection .my urologist treated me with antibiotics for 305 days almst ,the swelling subsided and pain turned much less from 100 to only 5 or 10 percent.but when i complted the course of 25 days then aftr 2 days ,i started feeling pain again but woithout swelling and felt that spermatic cords are infkamed and tender and the pain started to increase.then i went to a differnrt doctor he prescribed antibiotics and antiinflammatory pills ,which im taking for 5 days and the pain is almost gone but not cmplletely,but i doubt it was due to the painkiller properties of anti inflammatory drugs.Sir kindly help me is this disease can be permanently cured (seminal vesiculitis and epididymitis).im very much tense.i will really be thankful to you.
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  • Dr.Lee
    Based on your description, you have seminal vesiculitis and epididymitis, and take the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills cannot get a radical cure, and still have pain. Because pain is caused by inflammation, and in traditional Chinese theory, pain is caused by the obstruction of blood circulation, your lesion get inflamed and congested and swelling, which cause your pain. While herbal medicine not only works to kill the bacterial, virus and other pathogens, but also eliminate inflammation and promote blood circulation by removing stasis. What’s more, it can induce diuresis for treating strangurtia. While herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill cannot only relieve your symptoms and pain, but also permanently cure your disease. You could try a month first.

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