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interstitial cystities curable


i have severe pelvic pain doctor diagnosis me interstitial cystities.is interstitial cystities curable?is any patient cured?how long treatment duration?
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  • Dr.Lee
    Hi. interstitial cystitis is a chronic urinary disease, and patients with this disease often feel painful in the bladder area, urgency and frequency to urinate, painful sex. The causes for the disease are still unknown, but experts think the disease is often linked with lower quality life and depression. As for the treatment of the disease, so far, there are no known treatments that can cure IC completely. Antibioctics are the mainstream to treat the disease, but as we all know, the medicine's function may reduce as the time goes by. Therefore, it is better for the patients to treat the disease with TCM such as fuyan pill or diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill combined with antibiotics. The TCM will relieve the symptoms effectively. The one treatment course of the TCM usually are three months.

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