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Is there any type of genatic aezospermia?


I have a problem My body doesn't produce sperms, I have done all process, obstructive and non obstructive tests, doctors found no duct in my body , but mybody is not able to produce sperms kindly help me if u have any sloution. Thnks
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  • Dr.Lee
    Thanks for your consulation and so sorry on what you are suffering from.
    Yes there is genatic aezospermia. But we can not make sure whether you are or not. 
    And for men with genetic causes of azoospermia treatment may be limited to non-existent, depending on the type of genetic defect. In the case of testicular failure, doctors may be limited to treating a man with hormonal medications. Obstructive azoospermia may be able to be treated with surgery to remove the blockage.

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