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What is causing my CHRONIC urethritis and ACUTE prostatitis


Hello after an encounter with a lady I was left with CHRONIC urethritis and diagnosed with ACUTE prostatitis. I have taken all the standard meds for STD's and been tested for the standard ones, chlaymdia gon syphilis ect.... all negative I have taken Doxycycline, Azithromycin, Metronozidaloe, to rule out most common STDS and now Bactrim for 30 days to rule out prostate infection now with no relief. My symptoms came on very soon after the exposure. Discomfort started immediately and then chronic urethritis ever since. The weird thing is that I have NEVER shown a sign of infection between my tests of urine and complete blood count (no elavated WBC) What could be causing this? PLEASE HELP I feel like it must be some sort of viral disease or maybe HPV i have no signs of warrts but i do have a wrinkly appearance on the shaft of my skin and constant burning inside the urethra.... I want to know what to do next
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  • Dr.Lee
    Thanks for your consulation.
    Here are some reference on urethritis and prostatitis, which may help you know more on it.
    According to your words, do you mean the doctor has prescriped you antibiotics without any test with postive bacteria? You can send your check report and details of your disease to me through wuhandrlee@hotmail.com, I'll help you.
    Hope you fine

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