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Urethritis prostatis and epitomizes in right testicle


I have been suffering from non specific urethritis for 5 years doctor told you have prostatis due to infection left untreated I always feel pain and warm under ureathra some time burning sensation in right testicle I feel ulcer as a role under ureathra I never have sexed with any one. i waso habitual of masturbation 6 to 7 times from 8 yearso ago till nowin a month now i am 26 years old urine culture is negative no infection HIV negative RPR negative I have took medicines as follows PENCUM -12lac 6vile weekly oloxacin 200mg 2times daily for 14 days azithromicine 500mg 4pills in a week however it relax me a little bit clathromicine 500mg twice daily for a week taximo 200mg 2at a time twice a daily for a week augmented due 500mg twice daily for a week again azithromicine 500mg twice daily a week but I don't tested for fungal, yeast,viral as hsv1 or 2. urethral swab test, sperm test I tested for urethrascopy, scrotum altasound in urethrascopy. a little bit proximal segment narrow but I urinat well I don't fee any urgency during urination
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  • Dr.Lee
    Thanks for your consulation.
    Antibiotics does not work well on nonbacterial inflammation, that means it's not proper for you. But if you are tested with bacterial, antibiotics works well  on it in short time. But also not effective for long time usage. 
    You can try our medicine to treat chroni urethritis and prostatis. We are professional at urinary and reproductive system disease, and have lots of successful cases. 
    You can send more detail to email wuhandrlee@hotmail.com, looking forward to your further information.

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