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Does having period cramps mean I have endometriosis?


Does having period cramps mean I have endometriosis?
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  • Dr.Lee
    Hi,thanks for your consulting and i will be happily to help you.

    Having some period cramps doesn't necessarily mean that you have endometriosis. It can be easy to convince yourself that any period cramp or stomach twinge you feel is a surefire sign that you have endometriosis. It's not unusual to have some cramping with your period,If the pain is really severe and debilitating, that's not normal and you need to see a doctor to do a checkup.

    So would you mind telling me what's your symptoms ? And how long have you have these symptoms ? And have you been diagnosed ?

    Pleases don't worry,i will help you and you can send your detailed disease condtions to me by email : herbalistlee@yahoo.com .

    Have a nice day.



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