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Endometriosis Pain Treatment Inquiring !


Will I have to go through invasive surgery? Will your herbs help me to avoide surgery ?
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  • Dr.Lee
    Hi,friend ! Thanks for your questions and i will be happily to help you.

    Surgery is the commonest treatmen options for endometriosis,yet, it mainly depends on your conditions,If you have significant symptoms, and painful is severe,then surgery will be your choice.But in the most time, non-sugery treatment also can help endometriosis,like our pills,it can be taken before or after surgery. If you are with mild endometriosis,then fuyan pill is your choice. Herbs fuyan pill is a Non-prescription drugs,with patent formula and will be prescribed to patients mainly depending on their conditions, so the treatment will be effective. And fuyan pill uses natural herbs,safe and naturally and it can help you cure endometriosis effective.

    So would you please give me more details about your disease conditions to wuhandrlee@hotmail.com, so that i can check for you and give you a better diagnose suggestions ? Please don't worry,i will help you.


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