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I'm from Philippines,where buy fuyan pill for endometriosis ?


Hi,where can i buy fuyan pill from Philippines ? Will it cure my endometriosis ?
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  • Dr.Lee

    Hi,friend. Thanks for your replying.


    Thanks for interesting in our fuyan pill, but i need more details about your diseases conditions so that i can give you our best diagnose assistant


    1.What symptoms do you have,like lower abdominal pain or pelvic pain or etc.?

    2.How long have you had the disease?

    3. Have you done examinations in hospital,if yes,would you pls send me your diagnose report to wuhandrlee@hotmail.com?


    The more details you give me,the better i can help you and give you best supporting. Pls dont worry, never will us leak your informations.


    Looking forward to your emails.


    Have a nice day.



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