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Will anti-depressants help me cure endometriosis?


My doctor suggested me taking anti-depressants to help with endometriosis pain,but this medicine doesn't improve my symptoms after 2 weeks tested. One of my friend recommend fuyan pill for me, so what's should i know about your pills ?
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  • Dr.Lee
    Hi,friend ! Thanks for your consulting and i will be happily to help you.

    Endometriosis is caused by many reasons, depress is one of the reasons to attribute to endometriosis, the mainly cause endometriosis blood stasis and inflammation, that's to account for why anti-depressants can't relife your symptoms effectively. Fuyan pill can help cure endometriosis,it can reduce endometriosis pain effectively, but our pills is not a Prescription drugs,it is a Outpatient medicine with patent formula,the formula will be different even if patients with same disease. So would you please tell me more informations about your disease so that i can check for you and give my best diagnose supporting ?

    The information i need to know

    1.What symptoms do you have?
    2.How long have you had the disease? Have you done examinations in hospital?
    3.Have you been treated before ?

    Please don't worry, never will us leak your personal informations and we will help you to get a cure.

    Looking forward to your emails, any questions, please contact me freely.

    Have a nice day.

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