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Iam 47 years old and I have a non bacterial prostates that is recurring on a quarterly bases for the past 10 yrs or more , causing overactive bladder and frequent urination . my prostate size is within normal 20 gr and PSA below 1. I have IBS for the past 20 yrs which is causing leaky gut syndrome and whenever I have flu or ibs flare , I get the pain and irritation in the prostate and frequent urination. the pain is dull throbbing in the tip of the Penis going all the way down to the prostate and lower back . I have sciatica and chronic pelvic pain which is a vicious circle and iam not sure who is feeding what. awaiting your feed back and guide best regards Amin
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  • Dr.Lee
    Sorry for your sufferings. For non-bacterial prostatitis, you can take natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure. The treatment of Non-Bacterial Prostatitis by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is not to sterilize, but to improve the overall internal environment of the human genitourinary system, to help clean the glandular duct, eliminate the lesions, activate the prostate blood circulation, and retract the normal size of prostate to achieve therapeutic purposes.Thus the prostate symptoms will not come back repeatly, the urinary frequency will resume to normal and the pain all over penis will be gone. Best Regards

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