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Left tube is block due to hydrosalpinax


Hi Dr Lee, I am Reshu from India and got your reference through internet. History- I had couple of miscarriages and had to go through D&C surgery. During second time I also took medicines before D&C to get that cleared however it led to month long bleeding. Now I am not able to conceive from last 6 months and got to know that my left fallopian tube is dilated in the lateral half with focal narrowing- hydrosalpinx through HSG test. Please find attach my reports and let me know the best course of action. Moreover I also read about fuyan pills for this condition. Please suggest. Regards, Reshu
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  • Dr.Lee
    Thanks for your consultation and sorry for your sufferings. For Tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx, you can take natural medicine Fuyan Pill to get a cure. It works to unblock Fallopian tubes, clear up tubal fluids (hydrosalpinx), eliminate blood stasis, wipe out toxins and restore your reproductive system. Meanwhile, it improves your immunity and self-healing ability, to enable you to have better physical status to naturally conceive with babies. Hope this answer helps. Best Regards

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