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bloody semen


i been having blood coming out on my semen every time i have an ejaculation, my Urology, doctor told me that it will go away by itself, but its been almost 3 months still having blood color brown in my ejaculation, lots of blood, im having my 2nd visit with my Urology this coming Tuesday to see my results, i had blood lab test and urine test, two weeks ago, now i go for the results, this coming week, what do you recommend? i dont have pain, no burning when urinate. IM 57 years old, athletic body, im 5'6 tall and 162 lbs, not fat. jose
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  • Dr.Lee
    Thanks for your question, and sorry for your sufferings. You can take natural medication Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill to treat and cure Hematospermia (bloody semen). It works to eliminate heat and inflammations in the epididymis, clear up bacteria and infections, promote blood circulation and wipe out toxins, so as to restore your genital system. Since the pills are made of natural herbs, there is no side effects or drug resistance. Best Regards

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