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Chronic none bacteria prostatitis


I've been diagnosed with none bacteria prostatitis fo about 5 months.My symptoms are burning when urinating and after urination, frequently urination, pain all of the time and I have to wait few seconds for me to urinate. Pain in the penis and pelvic area. All the tests are negative. Pain during bowel movements and burning sensation in the rectal/anus. I went to doctor told me that my pelvic muscles are very tight also
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  • Dr.Lee
    Thanks for your consultation and sorry for your sufferings. Your symptoms of burning sensation during uriantion, frequent urinatin, pain in and around penital area as well anus are very typical among non-bacterial prostatitis patients. Usually the tests appear negative for there are no infection there and antibiotics can't cure this. I suggest you to take our natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure. The treatment of Non-Bacterial Prostatitis by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is not to sterilize, but to improve the overall internal environment of the human genitourinary system, to help clean the glandular duct, eliminate the lesions, activate the prostate blood circulation, and retract the normal size of prostate to achieve therapeutic purposes. Best Regards 

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