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How is it possible that I see improvement in the first month and now don't feel much change


Actually I feel the ease on my pain after 8 days pills and the pain has been reducing day by day. However I've been on 48 days of pills now but I haven't see any change for the past two weeks. How could this be possible? Is it expected?
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  • Dr.Lee

    Hello. Yeah this condition is totally expected. Almost all patient can see improvement within or after one month treatment. However, as long as the condition is not completely cured, it is possible to see some recurrence on symptoms. Some symptom just comes and goes before you finish the treatment. If you compare the symptoms gradually you would found that the symptoms are reducing step by step even not day by day. So please don’t worry and this is totally ok.

    I hope you can stick on the treatment and the dietary restriction and I believe you’d be cured soon.

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