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Epididymitis, can you help?


One evening I do a heavy lifting...and next day i got right scrotum swelling, pain in lower right side abdomen( stomach) ...i go to doctor he checked by hand and make treatment of orchitis...he give antibiotics for 1 week...and soon pain and swelling gone..but mild pain persist..i again go to doctor..he give me 1 week medicine again and told me to stop medicine but still mild pain persist in back side of right side testicles...i feel this is epididymitis...please help me to relax these pain
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  • Dr.Lee
    Hi, antibiotics can easily lead to drug resistance, so it is not recommended to take them for a long time. Our products can help you solve both orchitis and epididymitis, relieve pain and improve urinary tract health. It doesn't cause any side effects or drug resistance. So it's a safe and effective treatment and I think it can help you.

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